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The Great Smoke Fest – Part 1 (video included)

  You may remember that back around the end of October I announce that I was getting together with another BBQ enthusiasts, Lance, and we would be smoking our asses off in the following month.  Well, right around the middle of November, we did just that!  Along with some of our good friends, and with…

Special Announcement!

I have a special announcement to make.  I am thrilled to let you know that as of today, The BBQ Don blog has a new contributor, Smokin’ Lano (a.k.a Lance) will be a regular feature right here.  Lance’s specialties are the more delicate meats, poultry, and fishes – so the Don hopes to learn a…

Smoking a Turkey

I smoked a turkey over the weekend and the results were out of this world! I was hoping to include some video showing the process but technical difficulties has made that impossible. I am still working on it and once I get everything straightened out, I will post it here. Here’s that video I promised….

2nd Annual Boston  Craft Beer and Sweets Fest

For those of you who live in the Boston area, this is a great event.  I was at the Craft Beer and Barbecue Fest over the summer and it was a great take.  Jeff and his team do a fantastic job lining up local micro breweries and chefs to bring you a truly unique experience….

Italian Style Grilled Chicken Wings

Now that football season has officially kicked-off.  I want to share with you one of my favorite chicken wing recipes.  These wings are prepared on a grill; so while maybe not “barbecue”, still a tasty treat to include in your football food repertoire!  They are very easy to prepare and are great for tailgates, and…

Wood types

In this blog I will identify the most common woods used for smoking, the flavor intensity, and the meats they are best suited for.   Wood Strength Profile Beef Pork Chicken Seafood Apple Mild Fruity, sweet flavor xx xx xx xx Cherry Mild Rich fruity sweet flavor x xx xx x Hickory Strong Strong smokey flavor…