Next Stop Exhibit “A” Brewing!!

IMG_0068The Don and his crew are getting pumped for our debut at Exhibit “A” Brewing Company located at 81 Morton Street, Framingham MA!

Come join us this Saturday, November 3rd from 2 – 7 PM and enjoy some outstanding brews and my delicious ‘cue!

I’ll be featuring my pulled pork, brisket, Sue’s Mac & Cheese, coleslaw, and my baked beans made with Exhibit “A”‘s own house Porter.

What better excuse do you need to get out of the house on what is shaping up to be a dreary New England Saturday.  But HEY!  That’s what we do up here in the North East – when God gives us rain – we head out to our local Tap Room for some great beer, delicious food, and good company!

So here’s a big shout out to my good friends at @exhibit.a.brewing

Stop by and say hello!  The Don loves meeting new friends!  I’m the old, fat, bald guy with a brisket in his hands!

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